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How To Become A Distributor

Purchase a Sample of the Hair
mi Belle Tresses sells the best virgin hair on the market.  We would like to invite you to purchase a bundle (3.5 oz) of the hair for just $99 before investing in a larger quantity.  

Masters of Excellence Distributorship Program (MOEDP)

The single one thing that separates mi Belle Tresses from others selling unprocessed, virgin hair is our focus on creating Business Owners through our one-of-a-kind, Masters of Excellence Distributorship Program (MOEDP)

The program was specifically created so that salon and business owners can sell their clients “real” human hair instead of sending them down the street to purchase “fake” weave hair at absorbent prices.  In fact, salon owners are losing out on the revenues generated from hair weave sales. 

In addition, when you become a Master Distributor (MOEDP), you increase your client’s level of satisfaction with the “one stop shop” approach. 

It’s no secret, there are internet store fronts where you can purchase unprocessed, virgin hair.  But ask yourself…"How much stock or ownership do I have in the companies I am buying from?" Zero, nada, none!  The truth of the matter is, you are still a consumer and have no ownership in the industry.  mi Belle Tresses is moving women away from what we call "weave consumerism and into entrepreneur’s."

When you become a member of the "Masters of Excellence Distributor Program (MOEDP)" the first thing you receive is hands-on training from one of our MOE instructors.  This is the first step towards achieving financial freedom.

Build your own team

Once you’ve completed training, you will begin sharing your journey of financial freedom with others by building your own team of master distributors from scratch.  In essence, you become a subsidiary of mi Belle Tresses.  This is the path to "Owning the Industry."

At mi Belle Tresses, EVERYONE is rewarded both financially and personally.  You, your team, and the client all benefit by the "Excellence" that’s created when the hair is sold at a great price, under one roof (beauty salon) or through a master distributor.

Think about companies like Mary Kay and Avon.  The reason they are so successful is the framework of integrity and quality they represent.  The second reason is you can only buy these products from a distributor.  mi Belle Tresses’ business philosophy is similar.  "Excellence" first and foremost in all we do! 

Apply to Become a Master Distributor

In order to become part of the mi Belle Tresses family; you must complete the online application.  Within 24 hours you will receive a confirmation letter with instructions on completing the next steps. 
Once accepted, you will receive a username and password to access the mi Belle Tresses Product page where your journey to financial freedom begins!

How Am I Paid?

The most obvious way is selling the hair.  After all, the best part about selling “real” human hair is the quality of the hair sells itself. 

mi Belle Tresses Master Distributors (MOEDP) earn profits in two ways:

  1. Commission from distributors you recruit
  2. Individual sales to the general public